About Trust

The Vidyabharti Trust is a firm of educational institutions, driven by a single minded focus on imparting quality education to make students radiant. Established in 1980 with the mission of redefining the education system, Vidyabharti Trust is a professionally managed and multidisciplinary sanctuary of knowledge. 

The Vidyabharti Trust campus is in the vicinity of Bardoli, the core of the political activity during our freedom struggle and ship anchor of the well-known Bardoli Satyagraha of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The campus is situated in an area of 38 acres of land. It catalyzes and unfolds educational activities in secluded natural places like Gurukuls.

It is a paradise with an energetic atmosphere conducive to students, absolutely free environment and conducive to learning. The trustees of Vidyabharti Trust imbibed the idea that “our supreme endeavor should be to develop liberated human beings who are capable of giving purpose and effect to their lives.”