Vidyabharti Trust
The Vidyabharti Trust is a conglomerate of educational institutions, driven by a single minded focus on imparting quality education to make students radiant. Established in 1980 with a mission to redefine the system of education.Vidyabharti Trust is professionally managed, multidisciplinary, and multifaceted oasis of knowledge.

The Vidyabharti Trust campus is in the vicinity of Bardoli, the nucleus of the political activity during our freedom struggle and ship anchor of the well-knownBardoli Satyagraha of ShriSardarVallabhbhai Patel. The campus is situated in an area of 38 acres of land. It catalyses and manifests educational activities in solitude natural places like Gurukuls.

It is students, paradise with in absolutely free environment and an energetic ambience conducive to learning. Trustees of Vidyabharti Trust imbibed with thought that "Our highest effort must be to develop free human beings who are competent, of themselves to impart purpose and bearing to their life."
Name Of Trustee Address Designation
Mr. Manharbhai Lallubhai Patel At.Po.Vaghech, Tal-Navsari, Dist- Navsari Managing Trustee
Mr. Kiritbhai Naginbhai Patel Patel Street, Baben Tal -Bardoli, Dist- Surat Hon. Secretary
Mr. Ashvinbhai Haribhai Patel Patel Street, Umrakh Tal -Bardoli, Dist- Surat Joint Secretary
Mr. Kashyapbhai Jagdishchandra Patel At.Po.Umrakh, Tal-Bardoli,Dist-Surat Trustee
Mr. Kalpeshbhai Natverbhai Patel At.Po.Umrakh, Tal-Bardoli,Dist-Surat Trustee
Mr. Hasmukbhai Thakorbhai Patel Patel Street, Umrakh Tal -Bardoli, Dist- Surat Trustee
Mr. Bharatbhai Sureshbhai Patel Patel Street, Umrakh Tal -Bardoli, Dist- Surat Trustee
Mr. Pankajbhai Sitarambhai Patel Patel Street, Umrakh Tal -Bardoli, Dist- Surat Trustee
Mr. Piyushbhai Thakorbhai Patel Mahadev Faliya, At.Po.-Umrakh Tal - Bardoli Dist-Surat Trustee

Name Designation
Mr. Manharbhai Lallubhai Patel Managing Trustee
Mr. Kiritbhai Naginbhai Patel Hon. Secretary
Mr. Ashvinbhai Haribhai Patel Joint Secretary
Mr. Hasmukhbhai Thakorbhai Patel Trustee
Dr. Ajay V. Shah Campus Director
Dr. D.P. Shah Principal (Vidyabharti Trust College of Pharmacy, Umrakh)
Prof. Vyom B. Pathak Principal (B.V.P.I.T. Umrakh)

Major Donors
Shri Bhulabhai V. Patel
Founder of Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel Institute Of Technology (Diploma Studies)[Formerly Vidyabharti Trust Polytechnic]

Shri Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel, fondly called "Bhuladada" is a legendary figure and a source of inspiration for the Institution. He is a committed disciple of Shrimad Rajchandra and is known for his discipline, righteousness and contributions to the society.

On 14 June 1920, Smt. Jamnaben Mali and Shri Vanmali Dayabhai Patel were blessed with son, Shri Bhulabhai. Right from his childhood, spirituality and religiousness had great influence on his life. As a student he was studious, intelligent and a very judicious spender.

During the period of independence of India, Shri Bhulabhai was a recognized by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as a representative of the Patels in Bardoli. He was well known as a representative for this sturdy figure, stamina, sharp intelligence and personality.

His inclination towards spirituality and religion was equally keen as for business. During this period he was influenced by Shrimad Rajchandra Bhamachari, also, the Guru of Gandhiji. He became his disciple.

Shri Bhulabhai has related wealth to "moksh" - liberation of the soul, by exercising philanthropy. Even at the age of 86 he exercises strict discipline and routine of prayers, yoga, reading, and social activities. In spite of prosperity he lives a simple life.

He appeals the younger generation to inculcate values and culture along with modern outlook towards life, there by promoting value based education and holistic approach.

Shri Dhanjibhi B. Patel
Smt.Laxmiben Naranjibhai B. Patel
Founder of Smt.Laxmiben Naranjibhai B. Patel Department of Civil Engineering
Shri Chhagan G. Bhakta
Founder of Shri Chhaganbhai Gopalji Bhakta Department Of Electrical Engineering
Shri Kalyanjibhai Khushalbhai Patel
Founder of Kalyanjibhai Khushalbhai Patel Department Of Mechanical Engineering