The classrooms
The Classroom have been designed exploiting Natural Elements like wind, daylight & positioning with sun diagram. This adds to not only the ambience but also the functionality of the purpose. The chairs in the classrooms are ergonomically designed to make the students stay for the day comfortable & relaxed. Care is also taken in the smallest details such as maintaining roominess by optimizing l ength & breadth ratio and eliminating the generation of echoes. All the classrooms are ready with Audio-Visual (Multimedia) Facilities. oasis of knowledge.

The Computer Lab
BVPIT computing environment gives members of the community access to a rich array of technologies and information resources for academic, research, and administrative use. We have a central computing facility with High configuration computers in LAN with High Speed Internet Connectivity. The academic and administrative departments, laboratories and the central library maintain their own computing facilities. Additional facilities like Scanning, Printing (black & Color), CD & DVD Writing etc are facilitated to the students here.

The Cafeteria
Right from the very first day of its i nception BVPIT has provided its students with the facility for food, where they get breakfast, lunch and all other stuff. All health oriented measures are taken here for maintaining neat and clean hygienic space for all.

The Auditorium
BVPIT has fully air-condition auditorium. It can accommodate upto 150 students and interactive sessions are taken up by the teachers. The auditorium is used for activities such as seminars, guest lectures, cultural activities, department functions and other events. The auditoriums are equipped with latest public addressing,LCD projectors, slide projectors and comfortable seats.

The Knowledge Center
subscribes to Journals & Periodicals of Technical & General Interests. The Library also houses over 7000 Books on various subjects ranging from Technology, through Management to Knowledge Resources & Personality Development. The 100 Chairs placed in the Library is outcome of smallest detailing worked out in selecting ergonomic chairs for the students.